Roulette bet payouts

roulette bet payouts

Table layouts: American, European, French roulette, new Roulite and La Boule. American and European roulette table layout, bets and payouts. There are several bets you can place in the game of roulette. We have listed them here along with their odds, payouts and house edge. Roulette payouts work like this. The odds are stated in the form of x to 1, which means you'll win x dollars for every dollar you've bet. These rules cut the house edge into half 1. Great gambling information site Use the " Main Menu " on the right margin to explore this site. The Best Roulette System Best Legal Kek house The System Explained Proof It Works Frequently Asked Questions Money-Back Guarantee Get The Full System. The sum of these paired numbers determines the spread-bet result. This is an even money bet 1:

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The house edge should not be confused with the "hold". The low numbers include everything from 1 — 18, while a wager on high covers every number from 19 — Bets Payout Probability Odd 1: American Roulette in non-US and non-French casinos for example: To lay this wager, a gambler stacks their chips on any one number on the layout. roulette bet payouts


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